(Cat rp) Felines built upon the roots of their ancestors, strict on policy and their ordinances they see it fit to obey that of their chieftain's and councilors.
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 Royal Kittens being born

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PostSubject: Royal Kittens being born   Sat Jul 23, 2016 8:40 am


Logs during the birthing:

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Welcome to Cat's Paw Island! 
You have entered: ` ` ` ` ` ` `► ᴍᴏᴏʀ ᴄʟᴀɴ ◄ │ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ: ᴤᴇʀɪɴɪᴛʏ, ᴄʜᴇᴇᴢᴇ│ᴅᴇᴘᴜᴛʏ: ᴘᴀʀᴅᴏɴ│ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄɪɴᴇ ᴄᴀᴛ: ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀɴɴᴏᴜɴᴄᴇᴅ│ᴇɴʀᴏʟʟɪɴɢ!| ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ᴈᴏʀ ʀᴏʏᴀʟ ᴋɪᴛᴤ! 3-4` ` ` ` ` ` `
[11:42pm] You are user 3 of 15 in the room
[11:42pm] Cheeze: just entered
[11:42pm] Serinity: just entered
[11:42pm] drump: just entered
[11:42pm] Cheeze: ..
[11:42pm] Cheeze: Hi, I'm weird and I like to pop my back.... Serinity told me to say this xD
[11:42pm] drump me?
[11:42pm] drump XD ok thn
[11:42pm] Serinity: I did not xD
[11:42pm] Cheeze: Jk, I am an awful leader xD
[11:43pm] drump i have no idea where to go with my rp so imma just end it there
[11:43pm] Cheeze: Anyways, welcome, I came on for this special occasion
[11:43pm] Cheeze: ;3
[11:43pm] Serinity: Yea yea
[11:43pm] Serinity: Well I will accept ya as a Royal kit welcome to the clan
[11:44pm] drump: coolio. Thanks!
[11:44pm] Serinity: Np ^^
[11:44pm] drump: I already like it here. I like it when the leaders r goofy and not serious all the time tbh
[11:44pm] Serinity: Ohyes
[11:45pm] Cheeze: YOU'RE BANNED
[11:45pm] Cheeze: Jk ;-;
[11:45pm] drump: damn
[11:45pm] drump: .
[11:45pm] Cheeze: I'm banning myself
[11:45pm] Serinity: Because we are failures and see nothing better to do with our miserable lives then to be complete weirdos
[11:45pm] Serinity: o
[11:45pm] Serinity: Whatjushappened
[11:45pm] Cheeze: Drump is so confused
[11:45pm] Cheeze: Ser is confused
[11:45pm] Cheeze: I'm banned
[11:45pm] Cheeze: Wtf
[11:45pm] Serinity: What did you do
[11:46pm] Cheeze: I banned myself xD
[11:46pm] Serinity: From?
[11:46pm] Cheeze: this clan room xD
[11:46pm] Serinity: Oh xD
[11:46pm] Serinity: Why you do that
[11:46pm] Cheeze: Drump is speechless
[11:46pm] Cheeze: I broke DRUMO
[11:46pm] drump: XD im just laughing rn
[11:47pm] Cheeze: DRUMP
[11:47pm] Cheeze: I totally meant to do that
[11:47pm] drump: XDDDD
[11:47pm] Serinity: Drump for president 2017
[11:47pm] drump: yes
[11:47pm] Serinity: Fuck Trump
[11:47pm] drump: I KNEW I'D GET THAT DAMN JOKE
[11:47pm] Cheeze: YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED
[11:47pm] drump: Drump came from a Game Grumps video
[11:47pm] Serinity: Omg yes xD
[11:47pm] Cheeze: xD
[11:47pm] drump: meaning Dan's Dad Avi
[11:48pm] drump: Dad Grump
[11:48pm] Cheeze: Next user that comes in
[11:48pm] drump: Drump
[11:48pm] Serinity: Ah
[11:48pm] Cheeze: I'm just gonna say this
[11:48pm] Cheeze: 'YOU'VE BEEN DRUMPED........--- Drump 2016, it will happen..'
[11:49pm] drump: OML I LOVE IT
[11:49pm] Serinity: It has happened
[11:49pm] Cheeze: 'slowly puts it in room description*
[11:49pm] Serinity: Pls no xD youll torture them with remade sayings from our haunted past
[11:50pm] Cheeze: xD
[11:50pm] Cheeze: 7.22.2016 [11:48pm] Cheeze: 'YOU'VE BEEN DRUMPED........--- Drump 2016, it will happen..'
[11:50pm] Cheeze: ..
[11:50pm] Cheeze: Don't look in the room description then
[11:50pm] drump: XD IM DYING
[11:51pm] Serinity: I have to I update it everytime someone joins silly xD
[11:51pm] Cheeze: NUUU
[11:51pm] Cheeze: Dun do it xD
[11:51pm] Cheeze: You will be drumped..
[11:52pm] Serinity: I was born drumped
[11:52pm] drump: restarting computer cuz something happen oml halp
[11:52pm] drump: just left
[11:53pm] Cheeze: omf
[11:53pm] Cheeze: That's golden
[11:53pm] Serinity: Vacation: theres a ball of pubic hair on the bathroom floor
[11:53pm] Cheeze: That's nice
[11:53pm] Cheeze: HEY
[11:53pm] Serinity: Lovely asf
[11:53pm] Cheeze: So is that all of our kits?
[11:54pm] Cheeze: Is drump a male
[11:54pm] Serinity: Yep
[11:54pm] Cheeze: IS DRUMPSTER A MALE
[11:54pm] Cheeze: xD
[11:54pm] Serinity: Thats four I think
[11:54pm] Serinity: Yes oml
[11:54pm] Serinity: Owlkit male kit
[11:54pm] Cheeze: OMG
[11:54pm] Cheeze: We got one male
[11:54pm] Cheeze: A MONTH
[11:55pm] Cheeze: WTF
[11:55pm] Serinity: xDDD
[11:55pm] Cheeze: ACTUALLY 4
[11:55pm] Cheeze: SER
[11:55pm] Serinity: What I do Rave provided the seed all Rain did was sit there
[11:55pm] Serinity: .
[11:55pm] Cheeze: xD
[11:55pm] Cheeze: SER, PROVIDED THE EGG
[11:56pm] Serinity: That happens every month tho
[11:56pm] Serinity: Ots not her fault
[11:56pm] Serinity: Its
[12:01am] Cheeze: your post
[12:03am] Serinity: I didn see your post
[12:03am] Serinity: O
[12:03am] Serinity: I am starting the rp
[12:03am] Serinity: Forgot damnit
[12:04am] Cheeze: so we are having them?
[12:04am] Cheeze: Alexa
[12:06am] Serinity: If ye want
[12:10am] Cheeze: Changed the title by erasing the looking for royal kits
[12:10am] Serinity: Mkay
[12:17am] Cheeze: New event on the forums: Royal kittens being born
[12:17am] Cheeze: xD
[12:18am] Serinity: Resting along her spinal cord her plump alabaster underbelly revealed. Aquamarine optics focused in like a camera lens upon a small robin fluttering around the canopy.
[12:18am] Serinity: Yay!
[12:20am] Cheeze: Rave is gonna die xD
[12:20am] Cheeze: When they being born, dork
[12:20am] Cheeze: xD
[12:22am] Serinity: Ohyea
[12:26am] Cheeze: The baron flicked his caudal and gently trotted towards Serinity. He nudged his snout into her isthmus, purring with pride. "You're beautiful, you know that?"
[12:26am] Serinity: just left
[12:26am] Serinity: just entered
[12:26am] Cheeze: Weba
[12:27am] Serinity: Tyty
[12:29am] Cheeze: I posted, did ya get it?
[12:29am] Serinity: No
[12:29am] Serinity: Lagg kills
[12:30am] Cheeze: [12:26am] Cheeze: The baron flicked his caudal and gently trotted towards Serinity. He nudged his snout into her isthmus, purring with pride. "You're beautiful, you know that?"
[12:30am] Cheeze: And you give me a date for the kittens
[12:30am] Serinity: Idunnowhen
[12:30am] Serinity: Iamtoomuchofadork
[12:30am] Cheeze: You choose
[12:31am] Serinity: o//o butt butt butt
[12:32am] Cheeze: no buttts
[12:32am] Serinity: Imma flip a coin you choose two days
[12:32am] Serinity: Oh but I like butts
[12:32am] Serinity: .
[12:33am] Cheeze: *Shows butt pictures* xD
[12:34am] Serinity: Ooo
[12:34am] Serinity: Imma say tommorrow or tonight
[12:35am] Serinity: because school is starting soon
[12:35am] Serinity: And I dont think Rain can get any bigger
[12:36am] drump: just entered
[12:37am] Serinity: Wb Drump
[12:37am] drump: ty
[12:37am] Serinity: Be ready
[12:37am] Serinity: to be born
[12:37am] Serinity: .o.
[12:37am] drump: o
[12:37am] drump: birth canal here i come
[12:37am] Serinity: I was gonna say to be made but that sounds wrong xD
[12:38am] drump: oooooo im ready to b made //winkwonk
[12:39am] Serinity: Oh great
[12:39am] Cheeze: Okay so
[12:39am] Cheeze: We are having them today xD?
[12:39am] Serinity: Ravedear lets get sum music uo in here
[12:39am] Serinity: .
[12:39am] Cheeze: I'm like this planner person or something
[12:39am] Cheeze: OH MY
[12:39am] Serinity: xD
[12:39am] Cheeze: *Rave turns into a strawberry and falls over*
[12:40am] Cheeze: Oh Drumpster
[12:40am] Cheeze: http://themoorclan.board-directory.net/forum
[12:40am] Cheeze: For updates and stuff
[12:40am] Serinity: Then Id just eat him
[12:40am] Cheeze: o.O
[12:40am] Cheeze: Oh bby
[12:40am] Cheeze: I h-
[12:40am] Serinity: Strawberries are oh dayum
[12:40am] Cheeze: xD
[12:40am] Serinity: .
[12:42am] Serinity: Responding to rp now
[12:50am] Serinity: Gyrating upon her oversized stomache startled by his sudden apperance. "You scared me." She huffed, talons extending to graze the smooth sediment.
[12:54am] Cheeze: "Well, you stunned me with your looks." He purred, settling his bodice upon the flat terrain. His oxygenators consumed her fragrance, gently brushing his pink ribbon across her jowel.
[1:01am] Serinity: Cherry pigments ranked her facade, a smile gracefully etched onto her maw. Pearly enamels peeking from beneath her maw. "I could say the same." Retracting her cleaves to outcast them once more in a seek for comfort.
[1:04am] Cheeze Drump, when ya wanna be born?
[1:05am] drump idc
[1:06am] Cheeze: Rave glinted scarlet upon his cheeks, slowly resting his mandible onto her apex. His slits wondered upon the sky. A small smile curled onto his palette with his talons embedding into the earth.
[1:07am] Cheeze who is Feathers?
[1:08am] Serinity Feathers is an old friend of mine
[1:08am] Cheeze What's their kit's name?
[1:08am] drump I LOVE BERREH
[1:09am] Serinity Dunno yet thats why a question mark is there lol
[1:09am] Cheeze Drumpster, what's your kit's name lol
[1:09am] drump OwlKit
[1:10am] Cheeze xD Cool fact. : Before you, I was still gonna be the only male in the clan
[1:11am] Cheeze So.. RAIN
[1:11am] Cheeze Rave hides behind Rain
[1:11am] Serinity Whathappened
[1:11am] Cheeze nothing xD
[1:12am] Cheeze I was teasing you
[1:12am] Serinity OhhahahahahaHA I am laughing sooo hard
[1:18am] drump: just left
[1:18am] drump: just entered
[1:18am] drump: The dark kit wiggled inside of his mother's womb, his petite mitts pawing at her insides. He began to kick more violently as his size was now too great to be kept here much longer. He wanted out. 
[1:20am] Serinity: Rainstar opened her jaws to release a yawn, cleaves gripping the terrain as if her life depended on it. "I'm so tired but in so much pain right now." Flopping towards her flank she'd huff whisking her plumage across the sediment.
[1:20am] Serinity O them babies want out
[1:23am] Cheeze: The brute nodded, he licked her cheek, huffing. "Hey, y-you okay? A-Are they ready??" He shook, he was nervous
[1:24am] Cheeze lame post
[1:31am] Serinity: "I'd like to think so, there is one in here that is relentless on it's kicking habits." Not wanting to move much, her optics glistened. Tassel whisking along her flank, Settling her cranial down in attempts to rest.
[1:31am] Serinity You say lame I say better than mine e,e
[1:37am] drump snorts
[1:37am] drump thx mother
[1:38am] Cheeze Have themm xD
[1:39am] drump: Wriggling, the tom arched his bodice in an odd contortion show, his limbs curving. He was oddly flexible, but his 'thoughts' were aimed on leaving the dark place. He kicked harder, tiny claws still sheathed, him not knowing how to push them out yet. 
[1:39am] drump welp
[1:39am] drump tht sucked
[1:39am] Cheeze: The bruje lied next to her, he was anxious for his mistress. He wasn't aware of rather or not it wasn't allowed for him to have another Goddess, but she was his Goddess.. He gently lapped at the tip of her lobe.
[1:39am] Cheeze HISS
[1:39am] Cheeze xD That was better than mine
[1:43am] Serinity My goodness
[1:44am] drump another.. OH NVM IK
[1:52am] Serinity: "I think they are coming." Gritting her ivories to brace for the terrible pain awaiting her. "Lovely." She would growl slightly.
[1:56am] Cheeze: Rave got upon his peds, cautious as his maw opened in fright, emitting his vocals from his larynx. "Ur... I-I.. We don't have a medic..." He trembled in pure panic. He nodded gently, "What would a medic do.. What would my brother do.."+
[2:02am] Cheeze: Rave bolted off to find herbs. He raced, catching Dandelions into his chops as well as picking an Iris. He lifted off his hinds and skidded in the soil in front of her. He snorted, "I'm no medicine cat, but I remember a medicine cat using these.. Don't kill me." He gave her dandelion leaves as well as the Iris without the petals. He 
[2:03am] Swanmask: just entered
[2:03am] Serinity Ello
[2:03am] Cheeze: inhaled and exhaled out of his zephyrs in a fast pace. "That's to.. Er.. help you breathe and that is to calm you during this process."
[2:03am] Swanmask Hey c:
[2:03am] Cheeze Rave doesn't know xD
[2:04am] Serinity Your just in time for the birth Very Happy
[2:04am] Cheeze He's only watched his brother do this stuff
[2:04am] Swanmask: ! Oh Very Happy I was wondering what was going on xD
[2:04am] Swanmask oops
[2:04am] Cheeze: I hope I dun screw that up
[2:04am] Cheeze: I forgot how to use every herb but I know some of the uses
[2:04am] Cheeze let me get something to drink
[2:05am] Serinity: Lol itsokay I think Rave needs some of that too
[2:05am] Cheeze: IKR
[2:06am] Cheeze: *slowly eats Dandelion Leaves
[2:06am] Cheeze Rave swallows multiple dandellion leaves to calm himself**
[2:13am] Serinity: "I do believe you should eat some of those too." She felt herself nearing towards the goal, The first kit came tumbling out, her orbs widened as she spun around rasping her tongue over it's minature silhouette.(Owlkit I guess)
[2:18am] Cheeze: Rave's hues watered around his sockets. His slits filled with lobe. He chomped down multiple dandelion leaves. He was getting emotional, snorting. "I-It's a b-boy.." He huffed, explaining it to Serinity as she pushed. He turned cherry at his facade, resting his weight on the flank on his bodice. He waited for the next.
[2:19am] Cheeze: *cries*
[2:19am] Cheeze: It's BOOTIFUL
[2:19am] Cheeze: I'm actually writing down the event lol..
[2:21am] Serinity: xD
[2:27am] Serinity: "Oh joyus day." Two more tumbled out, one after the other. The pain massed intoxicating and was now pulsing and aching through her abdomen as the last little one finally tumbled out.(1. Tadkit, 2.Swankit 3. Feathers)
[2:30am] drump: The black tom writhed around in the moss, kneading his mothers belly as he suckled. His mewls were loud and strong, and he crawled around on his belly nicely. He was a lengthy kit, his tail longer than him, but somehow he moved around well. 
[2:34am] Cheeze: Rave settled beside his youth, gently licking their apexes. His tassel intertwined around the mistress's. His optics landed upon her, his claws sheathing. He was bounded with love and the rumbles deep in his pharynx erupting admitted it. He had a family now..
[2:39am] Cheeze: I better go to kik now
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Royal Kittens being born
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