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 (CLOSED) Royal Kittens

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PostSubject: (CLOSED) Royal Kittens   Sat Jul 16, 2016 10:13 am

7.23.2016 - No more kits needed! Recruits have been found!!

After becoming mates on 7/16/2016, Rave and Rainstar (Deputy and his Leader) have decided to have kittens this spring. They are in need of members to play these kittens however. If you'd like to become one of these kittens, you may speak to Cheeze or Serinity herself. 

What you need to know: 

Becoming one of these kits is a great honor, but don't let it get to your head. You still have the same responsibilities as any other member. This spot will not get you to become a leader when your character grows up. 
Serinity will be most likely the leader of the clan if she decides to be one of these kits or not.

Your ref: 
We have decided to let you all make the references to your character out of your imagination. 

Your rank:
Your rank does NOT decide your authority in the room. You will be respected in role play, but you won't be treated as an administrator of the room outside of the role play.

You are a very respected kit of the clan, but you do not outshine every other kitten. Your parent's ranking is noticed, but just because your parent is the leader, do not think you will be entrusted to be administrator of the room. You must be trusted and given administration by Serinity herself. If you have a question, see us. 

Notice: This will change some as reviewed and changed to see as fit as possible to reach clan standards. Ask the parents of their standards or if a ref is already made.
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(CLOSED) Royal Kittens
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