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 Banned Users: SansTheComic, PaintedGrin and Tears on Chatlands.

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PostSubject: Banned Users: SansTheComic, PaintedGrin and Tears on Chatlands.   Sat Jul 16, 2016 11:07 am

The following users are banned and are not to be located within the room on ANY circumstance.SansTheComic, PaintedGrin and Tears on Chatlands.

Second message to Jager besides the logs:

"Sorry for the second message, but I know you probably cannot do anything. However, you may can. I am sorry once again but hear me out.

Reasons why I think they should at least be talked to:

They came in a private room that was all ages and disturbed the peace by submitting in the chat that is sexual and could possibly make someone possibly be triggered by it. Our room rating is all ages and the current members that were in the room were below the age 18. 
Sorry for bothering you, but I hope you'll hear this out. This really bothered me that they came in and harassed our room. However, they are banned from it and were kicked.

Rules to support it:
"To irritate or torment persistently." Harassment covers a broad area. Harassment can be (but is not limited to): cursing, name-calling, sexual innuendoes, sexual harassment, racial slurs, gay bashing, stalking, or anything else one person can do to annoy another.

Your room must be the correct rating if you wish to have any sort of sexual content. You may face a ban if your private room is not the correct rating for sexual content. PLEASE NOTE: ANY SEXUAL INNUENDO TOWARD A MINOR WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN AND WE WILL CONTACT YOUR ISP!! "
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Banned Users: SansTheComic, PaintedGrin and Tears on Chatlands.
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