(Cat rp) Felines built upon the roots of their ancestors, strict on policy and their ordinances they see it fit to obey that of their chieftain's and councilors.
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 Associates of Moor Clan

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PostSubject: Associates of Moor Clan   Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:27 am


LEADER - Ruler of this empire and all of it's colleagues. 
Rainstar​|Serinity ♀
Rave|Cheeze ♂

DEPUTY - Next in line to rule the clan, oversees patrols and training.
Stormfall|Pardon ♀

MEDICINE CAT - Medical director, heals the sick and injured.
Ashdusk|Ashdusk ♂

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE - One of the medicine cat's choosing whom is trained to be the next medicine cat.
​​Rosy|Mist1222 ♀

CAVILER - A higher ranking warrior this rank is to be earned.
To be chosen


WARRIOR - A disciplined feline kept under strict supervision to train and learn. 
Shrikeface|Zundala ♀

MEDICS - Felines previously trained to take part in healing the injured. 
To be chosen

ASSASSIN - Skilled felines trained to execute orders accordingly.
Stormfall|Pardon ♀

APPRENTICE - Those training to be classified as an assassin or warrior.
Oakpaw|Deftone ♀
Mentor​- Stormfall|Pardon 
Ashpaw|Ashflight56 ♀

QUEEN - Pregnant or Nursing mothers.
To be chosen
Warmfur|Diamondfur ♀

KIT - Young produced, awaiting their Rookie years.
Nova|FlashStorm ♀
Swankit|Swanmask ♀
Tadkit|Serinity ♀ 
?|Feathers ♀ 
Owlkit|Drump ♂ 
Blue|bluebird2000 ♀
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Associates of Moor Clan
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